Portfolio Selcetion Herman Jansen

Below you find a small snapshot of our global brands and portfolio. For some of these products we are still looking for local production and distribution partners.

Sonnema Berenburg

Sonnema Berenburg

Sonnem Berenburg - Quirky drink

Robust and cocky. That is the taste of Sonnema , the strong herbal drink from Friesland. As cocky as Fedde Sonnema from Dokkum himself, who, in 1860, made his own beerenburg (Frisian bitter) in his tavern. He even gives the name a little twist; Sonnema’s is written with one e.

Sonnema is perfect in combination with cola. This mix with a slice of lemon makes for the ideal drink for a night at home with friends, at the bar or at the club.


Cardinal Vodka - clear, pure and has an excellent palate

The core of Cardinal Vodka is the triple distilled vodka, based on the old techniques of geneva distilling in Holland. This exclusive process utilises old copper stills to produce a vodka unparalleled in quality and flavour. Instead of distilling in one process to 96% alc./vol, this vodka is the result of a gradually distilling process in three steps.

In the third distillation natural ingredients as herbs, spices, seeds are added to give the product its unique and soft taste.

Because of a very careful filtering and the use of the finest quality of water, Cardinal Vodka is clear, pure and has an excellent palate. Drink Cardinal Vodka straight from the freezer and your mouth will be filled with nature’s softest glacial water. Smooth, tasteful, simply superior. That’s the way vodka should be!

Also available: Cardinal Melon and Cardinal Strawberry.


Herman Jansen likeuren - Excellent quality and taste

Herman Jansen liqueurs are available in a variety of classic and modern liqueurs. The Herman Jansen kosher liqueurs are produced according to the traditional high quality standards, adapted to modern techniques and regulations. The result is a range of liqueurs known for its excellent quality and taste.

Variants: Blue curacao, crème de Mente, Tripple sec, Cherry liqueur, Chocolate mint, Apricot Liqueur.

Tribelle - carefully made from selected herbs

Triple Sec is one of the best known liqueurs that can be found in any bar of restaurants, hotels and clubs. Used for drinking it pure or in preparing food, triple sec offers many possibilities. Tribelle’s name is derived from the generic name triple sec.

Tribelle is carefully made from selected herbs, spices and specially selected oranges. This combination gives Tribelle a unique flavour, pleasantly sweet, fruity and very soft. Unlike fashionable low alcoholic liqueurs, Tribelle still has 35% alcohol by volume, which enables the use of this triple sec liqueur for serving a dish ‘flambé’. (One can not do this with a liqueur below 35% alc./vol.)




Bottle Savoy Vodka 700.jpg

Savoy Club - Vodka

Savoy Club is a wide range of alcoholic drinks with internationally renowned drinks, but also some local specialties. This assortment consists of vodka, dry gin, whiskey, bourbon, rum, tequila, brandy, raki and mastika.

The drinks are produced according to European standards and offer a very good price-quality ratio. 

Eggovin - egg and matured wine

Like the name already says “egg” and “vin”, Eggovin is made from freshly new-laid eggs, and the finest matured wines.

A remark needs special attention:
Eggovin shouldn’t be confused with advocate, which is also an egg-based product, but who lacks the consistency of the invigorating wines. These wines are the reason of Eggovin’s fluidity and taste. Together with the most fertile eggs, Eggovin is the most reliable restorative provided by Nature.


Glen Mansion Scotch Whisky

Glen Mansion Scotch Whisky

Glen Mansion Scotch Whisky - Robust and fragrant

A whisky full of character with a robust, fragrant aroma. Glen Mansion Scotch Whisky is whisky as whisky should be. Characteristic for Glen Mansion Scotch Whisky is the especially designed, unique handle bottle.