Espíritos Brasileiros

"For the next 10 years we envision a big change in the Brazilian spirits landscape: more and diverse products, higher quality, greater brand impact and increased competitive pricing. This will lead to numerous business opportunities and new business models. Espiritos Brasileiros is available and well equipped to help your company to become a successful part of this." - Felipe Jannuzzi


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We are very much looking forward to determine what spirit type we can create together and for which target.


We are specialized in blending and supplying spirits, small batch or in Bulk, to our industrial clients worldwide. We have access to the full range of available qualities (with or without brand), and use our knowledge to create custom-made spirits, esprites and concentrates based on your specifications and requirements. 

Creating custom-made spirits is always based on market requirements. Our Master Blenders will, together with you, create a spirit that perfectly fits your product and market.  It is our mission to develop unique and provide consistent qualities for a range of industrial customers worldwide.



Together with our top class joint venture partner, Herman Jansen, we fulfil the complete spectrum of the spirits industry: product development, distilling, brand building, production, blending and import-export.


Herman Jansen

Herman Jansen is a family-owned distillery, located in Schiedam, the Netherlands. It has been producing spirits since 1777. For over seven generations the family dedicated their lives to building a business based on honesty and quality. The current Herman Jansen has become a world-class company. Operating worldwide and offering a varied, contemporary assortment of spirits. Herman Jansen is an expert in the development, production and sales of (alcoholic) beverages all over the world.

Herman Jansen Business to Business uses this expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions and is looking for sustainable and mutually profitable partners. You can count on a full-service approach and benefit at every stage of the production process of our craftsmanship, our years of experience, the knowledge of the market and our extensive purchasing network. Please contact us for an introduction to our Business to Business solutions.


We have access to the various individual distilleries and distillates, which enables us to offer the full spectrum of styles, flavours and tastes available. Our partners benefit from multiple advantages that our unique services offer: Short time to market, low distillery risks, we supply from our extensive inventories, therefore no need for our clients to hold large stock, smooth logistics to any location in the world: currently we produce over 250 brands to 150 clients in more than 40 countries.  Direct availability from inventory all qualities of spirits: from competitively priced up to very exclusive, and any quality in between.



In 2016, for a local Brazilian partner, we created Virga - O gim mais braileiro del mundo, and we started importing premium gins, like one of Herman Jansen flagship spirits: Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin. More information about our complete portfolio in Brazil is available here.

Through this link you find a snapshot of our global brands and portfolio. For some of these products we are still looking for local production and distribution partners.

antonio collins_gim virga do brasil_foto leo feltran_011.jpg

Virga - o primeiro gim artesanal do Brasil

Virga é a chuva do sertão que se evapora antes de tocar o solo. É também o primeiro gim artesanal do brasil, produzido em pequenos lotes, com botânicos frescos e destilado em alambique de cobre. Saboroso, complexo e repleto de personalidade.

Um espírito que nasce da mistura de ingredientes locais com o respeito às tradições brasileiras.


Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin

Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin is named after the founder's grandfather, Jacobus Alfons, known to his friends and family as Bob or Bobby.

It was his recipe that inspired to make a very fine and balanced distilled gin. Eight botanicals all separately distilled. No additives, sugars or extractions. Simply pure taste. A fresh take on a timeless classic.

activation, promotion & Events

We strongly believe in consumer engagement and education. As brand owners and developers, we invest in brand ambassadors, promotion, activations, tasting experiences and events.

Since 2016 we are the proud initiators and organisers of important Brazilian spirit events like World Gin Day, Gin Tonic Week and Cocktail Week. We also create an online platform for bartenders and consumers:

Together with our partners and affiliated market players, we want to help to build the category and increase awareness. Please contact us if you want your company and brands to become part of these events, platform and the spirits community.